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Tablet Repair

TechConnection specializes in every aspect of repair when it comes to your tablet. Tablets are now a big part of home and travel. As these have become a bigger part of every day life they have their own issues. Broken screens, bad charge ports, or just the common bad battery. We repair iPads, Samsung Tablets, Amazon Fire Tablets, and so much more. 
Check out just some of the services we offer below. 

Screen Repair

Broken Tablet Repair iPad Repair Tech Connection Bowling Green Kentucky

A cracked tablet screen can be a huge issue. TechConnection offers high quality parts at affordable prices. We also keep most iPad screens in stock for fast same day service. 

Charge Port Repair

Tablet Charge Port Repair iPad Charge Port Repair Tech Connection Bowling Green Kentucky

The charge port is one of the most important items on a tablet. If you can't charge your tablet it's useless. We offer charge port repair for all kinds of phones, even those that require specialized work like soldering. 

Motherboard Repair

Tablet Motherboard Repair iPad Motherboard Repair Tech Connection Bowling Green Kentucky

Motherboards are the main part of your tablet. What makes them work and what stores your data. These can have issues and we can fix them. Where many stores say they can't help, we can.

Battery Replacement

Tablet Battery Replacement iPad Battery Replacement Tech Connection Bowling Green Kentucky

Battery faulty? Not holding charge as it should? A bad battery can cause more than just poor life, it can also affect your phones performance. We offer high quality batteries at an affordable price. 

Camera Replacement

Tablet Camera Repair iPad Camera Repair Tech Connection Bowling Green Kentucky

Back camera not working or shaking? Front camera blurry or not working either? We know this can be a headache because who doesn't buy a new tablet for the new better camera? 

Software Restore/Update

Tablet Software Update iPad Software Update Tech Connection Bowling Green Kentucky

Sometimes your tablet software can have issues. These can cause the tablet to become completely useless. We can help. TechConnection offers affordable and fast software restores or updates for many types of tablets. 

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